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Improvements 🚧

  • Beanstream tenants will now have the ability to process international payments
  • Athletes will now be notified of a failed invoice that has been reopened
  • Wodify Payments
    • The Billing Results email will not list out athletes whom cash or check payments need to be collected from
    • Chargebacks for partially refunded invoices can now be responded to
  • When deleting 'This & All Future' classes, Admins will only receive one email rather than a separate email for each instance of the cancelled class
  • Users will no longer have the ability to bypass kiosk mode simply by opening a new tab
  • Scroll functionality on program lists will be more prominent 

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athlete list searches will return correct values based on selected filters
  • Classes & Coaches
    • There will no longer be an issue adding additional coaches to Thursday classes
    • Coaches will no longer be duplicated in individual classes
  • Contracts
    • 'Date Issues' field will now pull the correct date of issue
    • Admins can once again view contracts from within the athlete profile
  • Promo Codes
    • Intermittent issue Admins were experiencing when unable to save promo codes has been resolved
    • Promo codes applied to prorated memberships will now be calculated properly
  • An issue that was allowing the same SMS subscribe keyword to be used across multiple tenants has been corrected


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