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Improvements 🚧

  • The experience of bulk downloading waivers and contracts has been improved.  File names will now include athlete names to make specific waivers and contracts easier to find.
  • Pulse
    • Newly added belts will now display at the top of the belt list
    • The auto-close action on the pulse board has been improved for a better experience
    • Issue IE11 users were experiencing when attempting to pick a MyZone device has been resolved.
  • If authenticating with incorrect information, a clearer error message will be displayed.
  • Athletes whose payments fail while attempting to make a purchase via OSP will now be notified of failed payment and Admins will be sent an email to advise them to take payment as needed.
  • Invoices that had been voided due to membership changes will now be able to be viewed in the Wodify UI
  • A new bulk action to pay multiple invoices using 'Cash' has been added to the Financial Invoice list
  • Athletes in Paysafe tenants will now only have the ability to use Mastercard or Visa as a credit card type.
  • The Membership Enforcement setting 'Athletes cannot sign in before class start time' has been updated to state that athletes will only be able to sign in at the coachboard.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Appointment session memberships will now be deactivated as expected once all sessions have been used
  • Google Sync will once again work as expected for Appointments Providers
  • Admins will once again receive an email when a Recurring Class is deleted
  • Class configurations for Drop In and Free Trial sign up will once again display properly in the OSP
  • Payment plan information will once again display correctly in the Online Sales Portal.
  • Users should no longer experience time outs when attempting to deactivate programs.
  • Embedded class calendars will no longer display the names of reserved athletes
  • The 'Billed On' attribute included in contracts will once again pull the correct date.
  • Timeouts will no longer occur when updating an existing waiver.
  • Issue with Whiteboard rankings being incorrect in one off scenarios has been resolved.
  • Wodify Payments
    • Payouts can now be filtered by custom date range.
    • Chargebacks will no longer be able to be responded to if the deadline for submitting has passed
    • Self-service POS will once again respect the 'Allowed Payment Methods' settings
    • Chargebacks will now be included in Stripe payouts
  • 'Billing Results' email will now include athletes without a default payment method on file
  • Successful invoices will no longer be shown as unsuccessful in the nightly Billing Report
  • The public whiteboard link will once again be included in WOD posts to WordPress
  • Details of any CrossFit Total will be included in posts published to websites


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