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What Can I Expect when my Environment Split has been Completed?


You've reached to our team to request an Environment Split, and one of our Support Agents is walking you through the process.

Now what?

In order to prepare for deactivation of the 'old' location that will be eliminated, we recommend downloading or exporting any information you may find useful in the 'old' location, prior to the confirmed deactivation date.

TIP: You may not have access to this information once the location has been deprecated


What's Important?

We recommend exporting the following:

Other things you may want to know:

  • You'll need to re-add Memberships to your athletes. Though Wodify will rebuild the Membership Templates, we are not responsible for re-assigning memberships to athletes.
    • Again, we recommend exporting the Athletes by Payment Plan Report to view a list of all athletes, the total charge of the commitment, the start date and the end date of the membership. This report will become in handy for when you re-add memberships to your athletes.
  • Your athletes may need to re-add their payment information if a Secure Payment Transfer was not completed.
  • Your athletes will be prompted to Merge their accounts together.
    • Merging existing accounts is the only way to ensure that their performance history is transferred to their new account.


Here's an example of the Merge Accounts window your new athletes will receive. Please inform them to check ALL accounts > select your gym as the default account > Proceed.

See the screenshot below for clarity:





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