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Improvements 🚧

  • Credit cards will now be authorized when added to athlete accounts for tenants using the following merchants - Ezidebit, Bambora, or GoEmerchant.
  • Admins will no longer receive an email when they share a payment method between athletes.
  • Wodify Payments
    • Users can now add and remove tags from payouts.
    • Paid payouts can now be exported into .IIF files.
  • The Daily Reservation Limit setting for membership enforcement can now be enabled to apply by program and/or location.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Admins will now have the ability to pay invoices using a new credit card via the Admin app.
  • Announcements will once again be included in WOD posts published via integration to a gym website.
  • Dependent athletes can now be suspended by Admins.
  • Special characters can once again be added to athlete names within their profiles.
  • Erroneous errors will no longer be thrown when attempting to create a new athlete profile.
  • The People Finder search will no longer show duplicate results.
  • The 'Days in Current Status' filter on the leads list will once again work as expected.
  • The Lead Form will once again allow leads to subscribe to SMS.
  • Prospects completing a lead form for tenants with the lead form set up and spam protection enabled will once again receive the 'Lead Created' automated email.
  • Coaches will now have the ability to make edits to recurring classes from the class list.
  • Athletes in tenants using Ezidebit will once again have the ability to add payment methods even with special characters in their names.
  • Tenants experiencing issues with the 'Athletes by Membership Type' report will once again be able to generate the report without error.
  • Required fields in waivers will now be marked as required to prevent athlete confusion.
  • Wodifind results will once again include the gym's drop in fee.
  • The description for Appointment memberships will now display on the Online Sales Portal.
  • The Appointment no show fee invoice will now reflect the correct appointment date.
  • Retail products created in single location environments will now be marked as 'Available' by default.


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