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Importing an IIF file in QuickBooks


Once you have mapped your chart of accounts, customized your revenue categories, and exported your IIF File, you are ready to import your paid payouts into your QuickBooks Desktop account!


Here’s how to import your IIF file in QuickBooks Desktop:


  1. Open up QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Select File > Utilities > Import > IIF Files…
    1. A window will appear ‘Your data has been imported’
    2. Select ‘OK’




That’s it! Your payouts will be created as deposits or *journal entries (*if the net payout was negative). You can see these transactions by finding them in your Bank ledger and double clicking on the entry:





Note: QuickBooks Desktop allows you to import the same IIF file more than once, which will result in duplicate transactions.  


Note: Items purchased with 100% store credit, cash or check will not appear on the IIF file. Please refer to Daily Cash to reconcile revenue collected as ‘Cash’ and ‘Check' and the Revenue by Payment Method report to reconcile redeemed store credit.



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