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Improvements 🚧

  • Admins will now have the ability to disable the 'Failed Payments' automated email. 
  • Merchant configuration list view will now display each location associated with the configurations.
  • Inactive athletes purchasing new memberships through the Online Sales Portal will now be automatically reactivated.
  • When creating new athletes, if the email address is already being used in the tenant, Wodify will display messaging that the athlete already exists and link out to the athlete profile.
  • In tenants with Payroll enabled, Admins will be unable to assign coaches to programs they are not configured for in order to prevent confusion.
  • In Pulse tenants, loaner belts will no longer be unassigned from leads when they are too far from a receiver.
  • Admins will be notified with details of what payout a failed payout was retried on so it is easier to reconcile funds.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • The WOD list can once again be filtered by tag.
  • A fix has been put in place to ensure there are no longer any gaps in the class calendar for recurring classes.
  • The option to add coaches to classes created from the class calendar will once again be available.
  • If the repetition frequency is updated in recurring classes, they will generate as expected.
  • Admins can now purchase store credit for athletes using shared payments directly from their profile.
  • Invoices with rejected refunds will once again revert to a status of Paid.
  • Invoices will no longer have the ability to erroneously be edited after they have been marked as Paid.
  • Lead Form email sent to Admins will once again include details of the class a free trial had signed up for.
  • Email notifications for leads created via lead for will once again include the name of the location.
  • Waivers in draft mode will no longer be sent out to clients when they book an appointment.
  • The Membership Enforcement warnings have been updated to display the correct number of sessions used when an athlete attempts to sign in.


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