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How do I update my gym location address in Wodify?


There are different places in which you can populate an address in Wodify, and have that specific address pull from different placeholders. Placeholders fill in up-to-date information in your emails. In this article, we'll go through all of the different ways in which you can update an address in Wodify, and what specific addresses are tied to these fields.

Personal Address

In Wodify, you can update your personal address in which members can contact you.

  1. Go to People > Athletes > search your name, and click into your profile.
  2. Select the ‘Profile’ tab
  3. Edit the ‘Address Information’


It’s important to know that the address that is listed here will appear by default when the [signature] placeholder is used.


Editing your General Location Information & Sales Portal Information

You can pull a specific address that will populate at the bottom of your Online Sales Portal weblink, reflecting as such:


To edit the Online Sales Portal Address information:

  1. Go to Gym > Info & Locations
  2. Edit the public ‘Gym Information’ located on the page.

Editing the email, website information, and address on this page will all populate on your Online Sales Portal URL.


Editing a Specific Location’s Address

In Wodify, you can house multiple locations, in which you can edit each locations’ specific address, Kiosk customization, billing information, and credit card information.

To edit a specific location’s address in Wodify:

  1. Go to Gym > Info & Locations
  2. Select the EDIT button next to the ‘Locations’ tab
  3. Select the specific location in which you want to edit.
  4. Edit the ‘Basic Details’ provided.



Editing this information will pull along with the [locationaddressm] placeholder added into an email.


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