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Improvements 🚧

  • Admins will now have the ability to disable the 'Athlete Payments - Refund Success' automated email.
  • If a class is unable to be created due to a long class name, a clearer error message will be displayed in order to allow Admins to resolve the issue.
  • There will no longer be the option to send athletes contracts associated with an inactive memberships.
  • Error messages displayed when importing leads will be clearer to allow for an easier import process.
  • Tenants that are not setup with a merchant integration will have the ability to configure free trials and drop ins via their Online Sales Portal.
  • Session based memberships will now be required to have greater than zero sessions included.
  • WOD programs can now be updated without losing tags associated with the WODs.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athlete profile pictures pulled via Full Contact will no longer be erroneously removed from the profile.
  • Bank accounts will no longer be able to be used as a payment method for drop ins purchased via the OSP.
  • Contracts signed via the Online Sales Portal will once again be able to be viewed by Admins with all necessary information included.
  • The 'Upload Contract' option on missing contracts will once again allow Admins to upload contracts as expected.
  • In Wodify Payments tenants, payment methods listed within athlete profiles will once again match those that appear in the 'Pay Invoice' screen.
  • Athletes will no longer see erroneous 'You must enter your province' errors when adding payment methods.
  • Anonymous Payment automated emails will once again include the details in the default template.
  • Penalty emails sent to athletes for no shows or late cancellations will once again reference the correct class.
  • The 'Lead Created From Web Form' email will now reference the correct email from label.
  • The Public Whiteboard link will now correctly point to the whiteboard rather than the public calendar.
  • The custom date range filter will now work as expected in the Daily Cash Report.
  • The 'Auto-billing Payment Methods By Athlete' report will no longer display inactive athletes.
  • Images can once again be added to WOD components without error.
  • WODS can once again be created or edited as expected from the Core Mobile App.
  • Notes can once again be added to WODs and saved on the first attempt.
  • Tax rates can now be applied to new retail products during the creation process.


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