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Zapier Spotlight: Callingly


By utilizing Wodify's Zapier integration with Callingly, now you can connect with leads as soon as they’re created in Wodify.  By levering Wodify and Callingly with Zapier, you’ll get a phone call that immediately puts you through to that lead, the moment they submit their lead form.


Here’s how to get started:


1. Sign up for your Free Account with Callingly

  • Head to and select ‘Get Started for Free’
  • Fill in your contact information, then select 'Get Started'
  • You'll then be prompted to answer 2 questions:
    • What CRM or Platform do you want to trigger calls from?
      • Select 'Zapier' from the drop down
    • What phone number should the trigger call?
      • Enter your phone or your gym phone number 
  • Select 'Create my trigger'


2. Sign up for a Free Zapier account


Once you have created your free accounts with Callingly and Zapier, you’re ready to Zap with Wodify & Callingly!


Click here for step by step instructions to create your Wodify/Callingly Zap!


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