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How to create a Callingly Zap




Once you have created a Callingly and Zapier account, you can start building your Zap with Wodify as the Trigger and Callingly as the Action.


Here’s how:


Step 1: Login to Zapier

  •  Select ‘Make a Zap!’ 



Step 2: Create Trigger


  • From ‘Choose a Trigger App’ select ‘Wodify’
  • From ‘Select Wodify Core Trigger’: Choose ‘New/Update Lead’ > Select ‘Continue'
  • Select your Wodify Core Account > Save + Continue
    • To connect to your Wodify account, you’ll need to enter your API Key. To access your API Key in Wodify, go to: WODIFY CORE > GYM > WEB INTEGRATIONS and create an API key by giving it a name and clicking on the check mark.
  • Set up Wodify Core Lead: Choose ‘New’ > Continue
  • Select Fetch & Continue to test your trigger
    • Make sure you have at least one recent lead created
  • You should see a green bar that says Test Successful!
  • Click ‘Continue’



Step 3: Add a filter *See Note below for more information on adding a filter

  • Select the small '+' sign (below your Trigger)


  • From 'Add Filter or an Action,' Select Filter
  • Only Continue IF > Save + Continue
  • From 'Filter Setup & Testing'
    • From the first drop down box, select 'Created on Source Web Form'
    • From next drop down box, select 'Text does not exactly match'
    • In the last box, type: wodify admin create form
    • Select 'Test & Continue'



  • From 'Filter Setup & Testing' Select Continue


Step 4: Create Action

  • From ‘Choose an Action App’ search and select ‘Callingly
  • Select Callingly Action: Your choice to select 'Call Lead' or 'Schedule Call' > Save + Continue
  • Select your Callingly account OR Connect an Account > Continue
  • Set up your test lead template (Phone number is required) > Select ‘Continue’
  • Select ‘Send Test to Callingly
  • Select ‘Finish’ or Re-test This Step (if needed)


Step 5: Create Action See Note below for more information on adding a filter

  • Select '+' to set up an action
  • From 'Choose an Action app', Select Wodify
  • Select Wodify Core Action > Choose Add/Update Lead > Continue
  • Select your Wodify Core Account > Continue
  • Set up your Wodify Core Lead
    • From 'Add, Update or Both' choose Update
    • From 'Mobile Phone' drop down
      • Select 3 Call Lead
        • Select 'Receiver Number'Wodify___Callingly_Test___Zapier.jpg


  • From 'Status' choose Contacted > Continue
  • Select Send Test to Wodify > Continue
  • Select ‘Finish’ or Re-test This Step (if needed)


Step 4: Turn on the Zap!



TIP: If you are in the US, your lead call alerts from Callingly will come from the phone number (415) 200-3750. We recommend adding this number to your address book!


TIP: Make sure ‘Do Not Disturb’ is OFF on your Callingly Dashboard to receive a phone call from Callingly.


Note: Step 3 'Add a filter'- Use this step to receive calls only when a lead submits a lead form from website. Step 5 'Create Action' - Use this action step to update the lead status to 'Contacted' in Wodify Core once connect to your lead by phone! *Please Note: Adding additional steps in a Zap require a paid account. Click here for more information on Zapier pricing plans.


Note: Callingly FAQ Pricing: Is the free plan really free forever?   Yes! The free plan will always be available and free. What happens if I run out of calls on the free plan?  If you run out of calls for the month, all of your calls will go straight to voicemail until your  next "billing" period. You will still be able to access your account and all your voicemail recordings.


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