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Zapier Spotlight: Thankster


With Zapier and Thankster, you can send an automated, handwritten card to any new athlete that is created in Wodify.


Here's how:

Once you have created an account with Thankster, login in to, select "Make a Zap!


Set up your Trigger:

  • From ‘Choose an action’ Select Wodify Core
  • From ‘Select Wodify Core Trigger’: Choose ‘New/Update Athlete’ > Select ‘Continue
  • Select your Wodify Core Account > Save + Continue
    • To connect to your Wodify account, you’ll need to enter your API Key. To access your API Key in Wodify, go to: WODIFY CORE > GYM > WEB INTEGRATIONS and create an API key by giving it a name and clicking on the check mark
  • Set up Wodify Core Athlete: Choose ‘New’ > Continue
  • Test Wodify Core
    • Make sure you have at least one recent athlete created.
    • Make sure it matches the trigger options you picked (‘New)
  • Select Fetch & Continue to test your trigger
    • Make sure you have at least one recent athlete has been created
  • You should see a green bar that says Test Successful!
  • Click ‘Continue’


Set up your Action:

  • From ‘Choose an Action App’ search and select ‘Thankster’
  • Select Thankster Action: Select ‘Send Cards’ >  Continue
  • Select your Thankster account OR Connect an Account > Continue
    • To connect your account you will be asked to enter your API key.  Head to > My Account > My Subscriptions. Copy your API Key









    • Fill in the remaining required sections like ‘Sender’s First Name’ and ‘Sender’s Address.' Note: The Recipient information should populate automatically.
      • If you do not wish to send a physical card at this stage, put "TEST" in the recipient name or address Thankster will consider it just a test and won't print it.
  • Select ‘Continue
  • Select ‘Send Test to Thankster
  • Select ‘Finish’ or Re-test This Step (if needed)


Lastly, be sure to turn your Zap ON.


Head to and head to My Account > Integrations Orders. You should see an Order form from Zapier. 




TIP: Looking for more information on pricing for Thankster? Click here.




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