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Improvements 🚧

  • The language on the prompt to choose whether or not to send out new versions of the waiver or contract to sign after updating the template has been updated for clarity
  • When membership enforcement is enabled, members will only need to complete waivers for the programs and / or services to which their membership provides access when checking out on the Online Sales Portal
  • When a member has a missing waiver and waiver enforcement is enabled, they will be notified of their missing waiver in the mobile app if they try to reserve a class
  • The Online Sales Portal and contracts will use the language "Total Payment" rather than "Initial Payment" for pay-in-full memberships to minimize confusion

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • The code generated for the lead capture form will no longer be affected by new lines in the WordPress editor
  • The USB swiper will not cause issues intermittently when paying an invoice manually on the Admin side
  • Events synced from Google Calendar will be handled as blocked time for appointment booking


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