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Improvements 🚀

  • When creating an athlete, we’ll check their email email against existing leads to suggest the lead is converted instead.
  • The default content of the ‘Appointment Rescheduled’, ‘Appointment No-Show’, and ‘Appointment Late Cancellation’ automated email templates were updated.
  • Compliant messages will be displayed during OSP purchases for Australian and NZ athletes.
  • Late cancellation and no-show fees processed via Ezidebit will now be run through RealTime when available rather than Direct Debit.
  • Coaches will now have access to Segments.
  • Workout component lists may be filtered by tags.
  • Lead conversions will be tracked in Athlete activity History.
  • New variants for existing products will be displayed in alphabetical order.
  • When a membership is deleted, associated unsigned contracts will now also be deleted.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Unsigned mandates will be displayed on athlete profiles.
  • Updated the error message when attempting to create a WOD with same date, program, and location to be more clear.
  • The Pulseboard will now display athletes who were signed into class after it was opened in full screen
  • “Scheduled” payouts with Wodify Payments in the past for $0 net amounts will move to “Paid”.
  • The lead form will no longer include location field for single-location tenants and the location will automatically be assigned to resulting leads. Your lead form will need to be updated for this to take affect, but the existing form will continue to work if you don't make any changes.
  • Mass email will no longer strip the “www” from embedded links in emails.
  • Default date settings will be followed on timestamps saved automatically in invoice notes
  • Announcements will be deactivated at local midnight, rather than EST midnight.
  • Default Athlete Status for converted leads may once again be updated via Lead Settings.
  • Variants can now be edited while product inventory is below 0.
  • Required fields will be highlighted when attempting to save Location settings without configuring them.
  • Athletes with shared payments will no longer display alerts about missing payment methods.
  • Expiration dates for session memberships will be displayed properly in the OSP.
  • Programs will no longer be duplicated on the OSP for free trials and drop-ins in multi-location gyms.


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