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Improvements πŸš€

  • New navigation bar and help menu to make your tools more convenient to use!
  • Updated Pulse tiles to have higher readability
  • Added more descriptive error text to be displayed on the Online Sales Portal when a drop-in purchase fails.
  • Improved the instructions on the Merge Account screen to be easier to understand.
  • The athlete list export will now reflect whether an athlete is suspended.
  • Improved performance of the Transaction History report.
  • Athlete and Attendance reports will now export without the Username column.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Holds added to memberships after its start date was edited will no longer cause incorrect billing dates for future invoices.
  • Drop-ins will no longer be asked to sign a duplicate waiver if they forgot to select an option for the Gender field.
  • The No-Show automated email for classes can be previewed again.
  • Lead Forms generated for a particular location in multi-location gyms will no longer report API key errors upon submission.
  • The Appointment Follow-Up automated email will be sent as expected.


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