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Improvements πŸš€

  • We'll hold your place on the athlete and class lists! If you click into an athlete or class, then return to the list, you will go back to the page of the list you had been on rather than the first page again.
  • Updated the icons on the Core Admin menu

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • New benchmark metcons can once again be created from the component list
  • The Transaction History report will load properly again for Wodify Payments customers
  • Missing contracts related to deleted memberships have been cleared
  • Athletes and leads with their name in their email address will no longer appear twice in Global Search results
  • Signed contracts you've downloaded in bulk will once again be deliverable to your email address
  • Emojis in waiver email signatures will no longer cause deliverability issues
  • Drop-ins may update their gender while signing a waiver
  • Waivers may once again be signed using the sign/send waiver widget on mobile


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