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Improvements πŸš€

  • For the first time ever, you can choose whether invoices run on auto-bill or not! Need to schedule a payment for the future? Set its due date to the date you want the payment to be ran and turn on auto-bill.
  • Athletes can now unsubscribe from mass emails via a link in emails sent to them
  • The Pulseboard tile colors have been updated to increase contrast and visibility from afar
  • When adding a payment method, athletes in Paysafe gyms will be prompted to sign their mandate immediately rather than waiting for an email.
  • Total Attendance History report was optimized to return data more quickly over longer date ranges
  • Improved the warning message shown when updating a recurring class
  • Added a link to our release notes (like you're reading now!) to the Wodify Core Admin menu
  • The Classes List can now be exported in a format that can be easily imported to Google Calendar
  • Introduced optimizations to the performance history chart and pop-up so they load more quickly

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Drop-in reservations made on the OSP will no longer be impacted by issues with broken images in the confirmation email signature
  • When logging performance on the Coachboard, the cursor will once again automatically be clicked inside the first input so you can type results straight away
  • Missing waiver emails will no longer be sent after creating a new waiver template and choosing not to assign it retroactively
  • Manually voiding invoices will no longer cause issues with billing dates if a hold is added to the membership


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