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Improvements πŸš€

  • Auto-bill can be toggled on and off in bulk for invoices
  • The class list can now be filtered by "Coach is none" so you can quickly assign coaches where needed
  • Athletes can be unsubscribed via email through their profile on the Admin side
  • When adding a payment method for an athlete that requires a mandate, you'll have an option to allow the athlete to sign that mandate now rather than emailing it
  • Mandate reference codes will include identifiable info so they can be more easily referenced in an athlete's bank statement
  • Improved performance of athlete list when filtering by group
  • Missing waivers will only be assigned to leads in Trial status
  • Automated emails sent to drop-ins will include their name
  • Improved performance of athlete app login page
  • The embeddable class calendar will display several programs more clearly

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • The Revenue by Product report will no longer time out for larger gyms.
  • Manually deactivated memberships will once again appear in the Inactive tab
  • Changing a recurring class end date will no longer make it possible for an athlete to create multiple reservations for the same class
  • 1 rep max calculations will once again be consistent between the performance card title and graph
  • Athletes with memberships limiting their attendance under the daily reservation limit will no longer be able to create reservations up to the daily limit
  • Recaptcha 2.0 and lead form fields will once again behave as expected
  • The invoice list can once again be filtered by tags
  • Blocked time for appointments can once again be created as expected
  • Classes can once again be created and edited on the last day of the week via the calendar
  • The Default Athlete Status lead setting can once again be updated


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