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How do I reserve & sign-in to classes on the Athlete App?


To reserve a class using the athlete app, start by selecting the Classes tab. Then, use the arrows to select the date you plan to attend a class:




You can use the filter on the upper left-hand side to narrow down the search options.




Select Reserve next to the class you'd like to reserve to claim your spot. Classes that say "No reservation limit" cannot be reserved, as no reservations are required for these classes.




If a class is full, your gym may allow you to add yourself to the waitlist. If your gym has waitlists enabled, click Join Waitlist to add yourself to the list.




Once you have reserved your class, if your gym allows sign-ins on the app before class, you can click Sign In. 




Once you are signed into class either on the app or on the Coachboard at your gym, you can add your results for the WOD by clicking Add Results. 









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