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What's New: January 2019



New! 🚀

  • New Business Health Dashboard - Wodify partnered with Two Brain Business, a leading fitness business organization, to create The Business Health Dashboard. This gives gym owners using Wodify the ability to see the key metrics for their business at a glance. See our blog post for additional information.Business_Health.png
  •  Admins may now update invoice due dates in bulk. Save time with bulk updates!         fullsizeoutput_2.jpeg
  • Athletes are able to sign-in through a tablet sign-in widget. Shorten the line at the kiosk and save time for your members!                   Tablet___SignInWidget_01.png

       ⚡️Available in Beta (reach out to us for access)!



  • In the auto-bill general settings Admins are now able to change the default number of attempts per default payment method types. This could save you money on transaction fees!  
  • Previous failed payouts that were successfully retried will now be included in the payouts to help with bank account reconciliations.
  • My Workouts tab in the Athlete App now lets you know how to find workouts further in the past.
  • Improvements were made to the new appointments beta experience.
  • Improved the new Athlete App and its new “Add Results” experience.
  • Admins can now modify the subject line in waivers and contracts template email.


Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Mandate signatures may be added from the Edit Payment Method screen.
  • Billing Results Email now displays the correct currency formats for all gyms.
  • Incorrect product descriptions on exported images were corrected.
  • Athletes are able to export their PR results from My Performance screen.
  • Updated recurring classes schedule/settings will be reflected on the calendar.
  • Athlete’s membership will be deactivated when their status changes to inactive.
  • Dates after the end of the membership’s current commitment period must be coincident with the ends of the commitment period.
  • Negative values are not allowed in membership templates or memberships.
  • Submission of new Payment Plan is disabled after it is clicked to prevent multiple payment plans being created by mistake.
  • When email placeholders are not defined they will not be included in the email.
  • Store credit may be purchased by an athlete using a different credit card from their default card.
  • An error will be generated when emails are unable to send.
  • Sessions memberships will deactivate when all sessions are used.



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