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What's New: February 2019


New! 🚀

  • Inclusive Design: Introducing the Gender-Free Athlete Experience in Wodify           (Note: Admins must enable the Non Gendered View in GYM>>STANDARDS/FORMATS for these options to be available)fullsizeoutput_10.jpeg
    • Gyms now have the ability to have a non gendered view of the Whiteboard and Coachboard on the Kioskfullsizeoutput_7.jpeg
    • Athletes may show a non gendered view of the Whiteboard on the legacy Athlete App!fullsizeoutput_5.jpeg
    • Athletes may select not to identify with a gender!fullsizeoutput_6.jpeg

        For additional information please see our blog.

        Full help article on How can I offer a Gender Neutral experience?

  • WOD Replication - You now have the ability to assign a WOD to another day and to multiple programs!
    • This may be done through the WOD calendar or the WOD listfullsizeoutput_d.jpegfullsizeoutput_e.jpeg

Full help article on 'How to Star and Copy WODs' 


  • Athletes can now re-subscribe to the newsletter in the coachboard (directly or via email) or in the legacy app.       fullsizeoutput_8.jpeg
  • POS - Updated the notification for the minimum cart value restriction to exclude store credit as well as cash.fullsizeoutput_9.jpeg


Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Issues with the activation of promo codes on iPad or similar screen resolution has been resolved.
  • Athletes will no longer receive emails for expiring credit cards when they are an inactive payment method.
  • Athletes at gyms that use GoEmerchant can change their country when adding a payment method in the athlete view.                                               fullsizeoutput_a.jpeg
  • When an athlete is deactivated, all invoices including any $0 invoices will be kept on the athlete's profile.          
  • Updated failed payments notification emails for when the invoice will continue to attempt auto-billing.
    • Emails sent to admins about failed payments will have a message according to the number of attempts left. It will only mention they need to manually pay them when the auto-bill has switched off.
  • Fixed the issue with integrating products with Shopify.
  • Athletes may log performance when they purchased a drop-in on OSP using their credentials.
  • Athletes will see all WOD exercises on the Results tab of their Wodify Athlete app, so they can record results for their workout.
  • Fixed the issue with bulk actions for all athletes (even on multiple pages)
  • Removed converted leads from the dropdown list in the search function when going to add athletes to a custom segment.
  • Fixed issue with Athlete Attendance Report combining users with the same name.
  • Fixed the issue of the location change with the attendance limit was changed.
  • Session membership will not be deactivated if the athlete has sessions to be used.
  • Improved the editing/customizing a membership in gyms with multiple locations.
  • Improved the email size validation messages to be more specific.
  • Fixed the issue with the Automated Email Suspension Notices toggle on the Suspension Notice Email template.
  • Athletes, when signing a contract, will not need to add a payment method if they have a default payment method set.


Coming soon…

  • Whiteboard added to the New Athlete App
  • Wodify Payments launching in Europe
  • Improved email experience in CORE



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