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How can I offer a Gender Neutral experience?


Wodify is proud to provide our gyms the option to offer athletes a gender neutral athlete experience!


Here are the places in Wodify that can be displayed with a Non-Gendered view:

  • Coachboard
  • Leaderboard
  • Whiteboard - Kiosk
  • Whiteboard - Athlete Mobile app


Admins and Managers have the ability to enable the option to display Non Gendered features from their Wodify Core account.


Here’s how:

  1. Head to Gym > Standards & Formats
  2. Click to enable  ‘Non Gendered View’
  3. Choose either ‘Gendered’ or ‘Non Gendered’ as your whiteboard/leaderboard default view




A Non-Gendered view will display everyone together on the Coachboard, and includes the optional view to select ‘All Athletes’ when viewing scoring performances on the Whiteboard & Leaderboard on the kiosk at your gym.




Note: Once enabled, the default view of gendered or non-gendered can be switched at anytime from the Athletes drop down on kiosk leaderboard, coachbard, whiteboard and the whiteboard on the mobile app for athletes.


Once you have enabled the Non-Gendered View from Wodify admin, athletes themselves can select ‘I prefer not specify’ from their profile. Here are instructions you may share with your athlete:

  • Sign into on your desktop
  • Select My Profile
  • Select ‘Other Info’
  • From Gender, check ‘ I prefer not to specify’



Wodify’s Non-Gendered experience was created with help of our friends at OUTWOD. You can read more about how and why this feature was developed in this blog post.



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