How can I transfer my existing appointments data over to Appointments 3.0?


Migrating your existing Appointments data over to our new feature, Appointments 3.0 is easy, but does require that you complete a few steps manually to finalize the process. It's important to complete the migration so that your services become available for bookings.


If you have been using our beta version of Appointments, you will not lose any existing data from previously created appointments and your members/clients do not need to take any action.



Migrating your Services with Appointments 3.0


After Appointments 3.0 has been enabled on your account, please follow the steps below to complete the migration of your data.


The first step is to finish configuring your existing services.



Here's how to finish your service migration:


1. Appointments 3.0 > Services 

2. Click into any service labeled 'incomplete' 


From there, you will be directed to the Service Wizard. Here, you will need to complete the information for each of these 5 steps:

  • Basic Information
  • Service Providers (coaches)
  • Pricing*
  • Booking Options
  • Emails & Waivers

We will auto-fill existing your data from your original Appointments account, but you may make any changes as needed. 


3. Review the information carefully for each page. Once you complete a page, select Next.




4. On the final step, you will see a button to Finish configuring your service



That's it! You have successfully migrated over a service. Head to your pricing page to manage the memberships OR repeat steps 1-4 for any incomplete services




Note: Appointments 3.0 will generate a membership for each service duration. You will be able to edit the price, the number of sessions, and other details by heading to Appointments > Pricing. As you can see from the screenshots below, 30 and 40 minute Service Durations create 2 separate Pricing Plans:






For more information on setting up Appointments 3.0, check out our webinar.


Interested in migrating from Appointments Beta to Appointments 3.0? Email our support team via to get started.