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How can I book a lead or free trial appointment with Appointments?


You can add a lead to an appointment directly from your Appointments Calendar.


Here's how:

1. Head to Appointments>Calendar, and click directly on the calendar

2. Choose the appointment & provider details

3. Start typing in the search bar existing lead's name to select & Book





You can also offer a free trial appointment to an existing athlete. 


Just head to Appointments > New Appointment. Select the details of the service and choose the athlete from the search bar. Then select 'Book as Free Trial' to offer a free appointment to an existing athlete.








Quick Tips:

  • Need to book an appointment for someone who isn’t a lead or athlete in your system already? You can add a new lead from the New Appointment screen (Appointments>Calendar > New Appointment) to immediately create & book your new lead into an appointment.
  • or directly in the picker by clicking onto the Appointments Calendar directly!













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