Setting up Free Trial Appointments

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Through the Online Sales Portal, you can allow potential clients to book a free trial for one of your Appointment Services, based on provider availability for that service. This is a great way to schedule one-on-one introductions to your business or allow clients to try a new appointment service before committing to a membership.


In this article, we'll cover:


Setting Up a Free Intro Service

First, you'll want to make sure you've built the appointment service that you're offering to Free Trials.

Next, configure your Free Intro settings:

  1. Go to Appointments>Pricing
  2. Click on the Free Intro [SYSTEM] template to edit it
  3. Update any settings necessary:
    • Name: you can leave this as Free Intro, or you can optionally change the name (No Sweat Intro, 1-on-1, etc.)
    • Number of Sessions: determine the number of free sessions that come with this trial
    • Description: optionally provide some text for the service on your Online Sales Portal
  4. Click Save once your settings are configured


Enabling Free Trial Appointments in your Online Sales Portal

Once you've set up your service and Free Intro template, you can make this available on your Online Sales Portal so that clients can view the availability and book their own Free Intro Appointments.

First, make sure your coaches have set their availability for any services you're offering a free trial for. Booking availability for free trial appointments will be based on provider availability for the service.

Next, start enabling free trial services in the sales portal:

  1. Go to Digital Presence > Sales Portal Settings
  2. Under Appointment Sessions, check the box next to Free Intro
    • If you have renamed the Free Intro, it will be listed here as whatever you renamed it
    • If the box is already checked, click Edit next to Free Intro instead of unchecking the box
  3. A window will pop up with a list of your Appointment Services; check the box next to any services you want to offer as a free trial appointment
  4. Click Save to immediately make these Free Intro Appointments available for booking on your Online Sales Portal


Linking to Free Trial Appointments

Once you've made the Free Intro Appointments available for booking on your Online Sales Portal, you can easily grab a direct link to the Free Intro Appointment booking page online, instead of making clients click around your sales portal to find them.

  1. Go to Digital Presence > Sales Portal Settings
  2. Click Edit next to the Free Intro under Appointment Sessions
  3. Click on the Copy Permalink icon at the top of the window
  4. This will immediately copy a direct link to the Free Intro booking page, where clients can select their service and book an appointment

Once you've copied the permalink, you can embed it into a button on your website or paste it into an email to send clients straight to the booking page!

Note: You must click Save to enable Free Intro Appointments on your sales portal before this permalink will be active


Clients Booking Free Trial Appointments

Clients have two options to book free trial appointments:

  • They can book through your Sales Portal if you've enabled them using the steps above
  • They can reach out to you, and you can book a free trial for them through the Appointment Calendar

Through the Online Sales Portal:

When a client lands on your Free Trial Appointment booking page on your Online Sales Portal, they'll see a list of Free Trial Appointment Services you offer.

Once they click on a service, they'll see a list of dates available in the next 30 days, based on provider availability for the service they chose. Once they choose a date, they'll see the starting times available for that service, again based on provider availability.

Once the client has chosen their date and time, they'll be prompted to enter their contact info, sign any necessary waivers, and confirm the booking. Once they confirm:

  • A new lead profile is created for this client in Wodify
  • All admins are notified via email that a new Lead has been created
  • The provider for the appointment is notified via email of the new booking
  • The client is sent an email to confirm the booking
  • The appointment will appear in Appointments > Calendar and can be edited from there


From the Appointment Calendar

Alternately, you can book any client (existing or new) into a free intro appointment through your Appointment Calendar, even if that appointment service isn't enabled for free trials in your Online Sales Portal. You can also override provider availability by booking directly on the Appointment Calendar.

Note: Admins can book appointments on any provider's calendar. Coaches can only book appointments on their own calendar. Clients can not book directly on your calendar, but any appointment they book will appear on the calendar.

To book a free trial through the Appointment Calendar:

  1. Go to Appointments>Calendar in Wodify Core
  2. Click on the block of time this appointment will take place in on the Calendar
  3. A window will pop up to set the details of this appointment:
    • Choose the service
    • Choose the provider
    • Adjust the date and time if necessary
    • Type the client's name until it auto-populates, and click on the client's name; or select Add new lead if the client is not in your system yet
  4. If you choose a client that does not have a membership for this appointment service already, you will see a red exclamation point next to their name; click More Options
    • If you choose Add a lead, you will be prompted to enter their basic info; just set them to the Trial status to book them as a free trial, and click Book
  5. After clicking More Options, you will see the No Active Membership warning message at the bottom of the appointment details, under the Client's name
    • Click Book as free trial to book this as a free trial appointment
  6. Click Book to officially book the appointment


If you have any further questions about Free Trial Appointments, please feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).



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