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How Do I to Setup a Backup Session for Limited Plan Members?


There are times when a member who signs-up for a limited membership, e.g., 12 classes a month, hits their limit before the end of the month, but still wants to attend class. In this help article, we’ll walk you through how to set up a single session auto-renewing membership that will generate an invoice for each class they attend over their actual limit.

Create a New Session Membership (How do I create session based memberships?)

  • Name: Enter the name of the session membership here e.g., Auto-Renewing Backup Session
  • Number of Sessions: input ‘1’
  • Expiration: select ‘No Expiration’
  • Revenue Category: select the appropriate category

Click ‘+ New Payment Plan' to create a Payment Plan:

  • Name of payment plan: Enter the name of your payment plan here e.g., Auto-Renewing Fee
  • Enable Auto-Renew > Click Next: Pricing
  • Initial Commitment: $0
  • This will prevent a member from being charged until their limited membership class limit is reached and they use this backup session.
  • Renewal Commitment: Add your fee here e.g., $10



Lastly,  Program Access: select the programs included within this membership > click ‘Save’ to save this membership template.


Now you are ready to apply your auto-renewing backup session membership! 🙌

In this example, if the member uses all 12 sessions before the end of the month, they can still attend classes but will incur a $10 fee for each additional session they attend.


Important! When the first backup session is used the renewed session membership will automatically generate an invoice that processes the member’s fee at midnight (your local time).


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