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What reports are available with Appointments?


There are three reports designed for Appointments that you can reference for data about your Appointments.  


Appointments and Providers: This report shows the number of appointments and hours per provider, in the selected date range. Signed-in appointments, appointments with no-show, and/or late cancellation clients will also be included. You can export the full list of appointments of all providers or filter per one specific and see the details of the booking, including the membership that was associated or if it was a free trial.


Location: Reporting > Attendance


Appointments By Service: This report shows how many past appointments were completed (client & provider signed-in) and how many future appointments are booked for each service. Select ‘History’ to view details of the service provider for any appointments completed.

Location: Reporting > Attendance


Appointment Value Detail: This report shows the value that each individual appointment generates. If you pay your providers based on the revenue they bring to the gym this can be helpful to calculate that. If necessary, you can exclude the free trials and see the warnings of appointments booked that don’t have a membership associated. For more information on this report, head here.

Location: Reporting > Financial


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