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Appointments FAQ


Appointments common questions & answers.


Why can’t my client see any appointment availability from their app?

Clients will only be able to view or book an appointment if they already have a session membership with sessions available for use. Providers or admins will need to make sure they have set up availability for the provider as well.

Can providers set up recurring availability/blocked time?

You bet! While selecting a block of time on a provider’s availability calendar, click ‘Repeat’ and choose daily, weekly, or monthly and select an end time (if any). We recommend setting up recurring availability and using ‘blocked time’ as the exception to regular availability.


As a provider, how do I remove availability that I added by mistake?

Click on the availability slot you wish to remove on the provider’s availability calendar and select ‘delete’ from the dropdown.




How can I remove the penalties of a no show or late cancellation?

  • Navigate to athlete/lead profile > attendance > no-show or late cancellation the click Remove button. This will return the session to the membership and/or void the invoice if it’s unpaid or refund if it was already paid. 

(note: clients will still be marked as a no show or late cancel in the appointment)


Why can’t I sign-in the client?

  • Clients can be signed-in into the appointment in the following scenarios:
    • Client has a valid membership with sessions left to use
    • Client has an auto-renewable memberships
    • Client is doing a free trial
  • If you see the error: “Warning” this means that you need to go the Admin side and either sell him a membership of offer a free trial.


I’m trying to cancel or reschedule an appointment but I’m not allowed to. Why?

  • Appointments that have client and or provider that have already signed-in, cancelled or no show cannot be changed.
  • If the client was signed-in by mistake you can “undo” the sign-in the Appointments widget just by clicking again in the toggle. This will update both the appointment, sessions left on the membership, attendance and reports.
  • If the client was already marked as no-show then the appointment cannot be changed. That means Admins and Providers have a 24 hour time window from the appointment time to fix any errors before they cannot be changed.




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