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How can I Mass or Bulk Update Membership Prices?



Our Mass Update Membership feature allows you to mass update membership prices for all of your existing athletes at one time.


*Please read through the following instructions carefully.

Before you get started with our mass update feature, you must decide on the date that athletes should pay the new price.

In most cases, this date is going to be the athlete's next billing date. In this case, you want to make these changes before the next billing day to ensure the athlete pays your new price next time. If you need more information on athletes' next billing dates, please head to our Membership Renewal report in Reporting > Athletes.


- Memberships with discounts/promo codes cannot be mass updated.


Here's how to get started with the  Mass Updating Pricing feature:

  1. Head to Classes > Settings > Membership > Mass Update Pricing
  2. Decide on the Plan Template, then Select Update from the Actions column


Step 1: Set the new Price in each column

  1. Initial Commitment 
    • For longer term commitments that bill monthly (for example, 6 month or 12 month long memberships), the initial commitment indicates the current membership. Updating the initial commitment price will change the price of all the future invoices that have already been generated on at the athlete's profile for initial membership commitment. 
  2. Renewal Commitment 
    • For example, on month to month commitments this is the next month's membership

     3. Click Next.


Note: The new price entered excludes taxes. If taxes are configured already in your financial settings and configured in the payment plan, then the tax rate will be reflected on the new price on the memberships and invoices.


Step 2: Select Memberships for Mass Update

  1. Review the athletes, invoices & memberships that are included to be updated with your new price
    • Exclude any athlete from the update by disabling the toggle in the Included ColumnTEST.gif
  2. Click Review.



Note: All unpaid invoices with a future due date will be updated. Any overdue invoices will not reflect the updated price.


Step 3: Review and confirm price update

  1. Review all new commitment prices
  2. If applicable, choose to keep current contract or issue a new contract by email 
    • You may want your member to sign a new contract that reflects the updates.
      Generating a new contract will invalidate the current contract.
  3. Click Confirm Mass Update


You will receive a detailed email when the process has been completed. 




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