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What's New: April 2019

New! 🚀
  • Now available on the new Athlete App:
    • Full workout history will be displayed on the My Workouts page
    • Athletes will now have the option to reset their PIN

    • Athletes may remove non-default payment methods 

    • The membership start and end date will display below the membership name 


  • In the coach’s availability calendar, the “Create/Edit Availability” button is only enabled after at least 1 service is selected. This will prevent available slots being created without a service.

  • To speed up appointment creation, start and end time may be edited on the calendar picker.

  • Default of appointment duration is now 15 min instead of 30 minutes when clicking in the Appointments calendar.

  • Leads appointments attendance label was updated to display “Attended” instead of “Signed-In”.

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • A display error, showing $0 in same cases where there was a payment made has been resolved.
  • All Invoices report can now be sorted by athlete or by payment due date!
  • Previous WOD can now be added to a performance in the Coachboard.
  • Fixed the error “Order cannot be less than 1” on a non-benchmark metcon.
  • Incorrect no-show/late cancellation penalties have been corrected.


Coming soon…

  • Whiteboard likes & comments available on the New Athlete App
  • All new Retail, Member, and Leads Insights




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