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What is included in the Accounts Receivable Retail Insight?


For a snapshot of what you can anticipate for upcoming revenue this month that you have not yet received, and the next 3 months, you can review the Accounts Receivable by Month Insights graph.


To get started, head to Insights > Retail and view Accounts Receivable. 


The revenue for the month is broken down into the applicable revenue categories for the given month: Future, Projected, and Overdue.




Projected is comprised of invoices for that have not yet been created, like month to month membership. For example, if my plan is set to renew on January 1st, my invoice that has not yet been created is considered projected revenue.


Future is comprised of all invoices that have already been created with a future due date but have not yet been paid. These invoices can be viewed in Financial > Invoices > Unpaid This Month filtering by ‘Payment Due is Future.’ This would include athletes on longer term commitment plans whose invoices were all created at the time their membership plan was assigned.


Overdue will be made up of all invoices that are overdue according to their payment due date. You can locate these invoices by heading to Financial > Invoices > Unpaid This Month filtering by Payment Due is Past.


TIP: Click into each section of the graph for Projected, Future, or Overdue to view a breakdown of the athlete, invoice, and invoice amount.




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