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Where are my Dashboards?


Our legacy dashboard feature will be deprecated, however, all of the data you had available in your dashboards is accessible via our Insights feature or in a report!


Check out the new home for each dashboard below!


Head to Insights > Retail to view:


  • Accounts Receivable by Month
  • Expiring Credit Cards this Month (Or you can view the report in Financial > Expiring Credit Cards)
  • Failed Payments this Month ( This information is also available in Financial > Failed Payments)


Head to Insights > Members to view:


  • Male to Female Ratio
  • New Athletes by Month
  • Upcoming Birthdays ( Or you can visit Athletes > Athletes with Upcoming Birthdays)
  • No Shows this Month ( Or you can visit Attendance > Athletes No Shows)
  • Athlete Age/Sex Distribution
  • Drop-Ins by Month ( Or you can visit Attendance > Drop Ins)
  • Athletes with Negative Sessions (Or you can visit  Attendance > Exceeded Attendance on Limited Contracts)
  • Attendance by Month (Similar to Attendance > Total Attendance History)


Head to Insights > Business Health to view:


  • Average Active Athletes by Month ( View: Active Users over Time, or you can visit the  Report Athletes > Athlete Trend
  • Revenue by Location (Or you can visit Gross Revenue: Financial > Monthly Revenue)


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