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How can I manage my WODs that are imported from NCFIT Collective Programming?


Wodify's integration with NCFIT Collective, allows Wodify users to access fitness workouts and curated session plans without having to do any manual data entry!


Once you have signed up to receive NCFIT workouts into your Wodify account, NCFIT WODs will automatically be added on a weekly basis.


You are able to customize every WOD that is pushed to your account, so that you can make any edits or add any additional workouts.


If you have chosen to receive all 5 programs 7 days a week, there will be 35 WODs for you to manage every Thursday around 11PM Eastern Time.


The New & Imported bootstrapped search tool makes it easy for you to manage these WODs.


  • Here is the suggested workflow that you can follow:
  • Head to WOD > List
  • Select 'New & Imported' tab




Here you will find your list of new WODs that have been imported for you to review. 


  • Click into each WOD to do a quick review and make any necessary edits
  • Remove the 'New' tag by clicking the 'x' after you have reviewed the WOD
  • Continue for each WOD, so that your New & Imported section does not have any search results




You can continue this process every week to manage your imported NCFIT WODs!


TIP: If you ever need to view all of your Imported WODs from NCFIT, you can head to WOD > List > Filter wods by WOD Tag is Imported.



Pro Tip: You can bulk remove/add tags to make it even easier to manage.  Just select the first check box, then 'select all X WODs.'





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