Managing NCFIT Workouts




Wodify's integration with NCFIT Collective, allows Wodify users to access fitness workouts and curated session plans without having to do any manual data entry!


Once you have signed up to receive NCFIT workouts into your Wodify account, NCFIT Workouts will automatically be added on a weekly basis. You are able to customize every Workout that is pushed to your account so that you can make any edits or add any additional workouts.


If you have chosen to receive all 5 programs 7 days a week, there will be 35 Workouts for you to manage every Wednesday around 11 PM Eastern Time.


Reviewing Newly Imported Workouts 

  1. Go to Workout > List
  2. Select the New & Imported tab, where you will find your list of new Workouts that have been imported for you to review.ncfit_1.png
  3. Click into each Workout to do a quick review and make any necessary edits
  4. Once you are done editing, remove the New tag by clicking the X to ensure it is removed from the New & Imported listncfit_2.png
  5. You can continue this process every week to manage your imported NCFIT Workouts!
  6. If you ever need to view all of your Imported Workouts from NCFIT, you can head to Workout > List and filter your workouts by Workout Tag is Imported.ncfit_3.png
  7. To bulk remove/add tags you can click the Bulk Actions checkbox and Add/Remove tags. ncfit_4.png


Reviewing Workout Notes and Videos 

All of the session notes and videos are viewable in the Notes section of the Workout. To view the Notes section:

  1. Go to Workout > List or Workout > Calendar
  2. Select the Workout you would like to view
  3. Select Notes tab

Note: The Notes section is not accessible to clients. You must have at least Coach permissions in Wodify to view the sessions & videos in Wodify.


If you need any additional assistance with managing NCFIT Workouts, feel free to reach out to us at If you would like to purchase an NCFIT x Wodify subscription check out our information page or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only). 


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