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What's New: July 2019


New! 🚀


  • New functionality with internal coaches notes - Videos and images may now be uploaded!


  •  Appointment Session Membership now shows a tab with the information of service and duration


  • “Appointments and Providers” report will display appointment details
  • Appointment memberships are now included in “Athletes with Session Membership” report
  • Retail Insight is now Revenue Insight


Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Rise - Timestamp now aligns with the timezone of the user
  • Admin can now delete a WOD they copied
  • Publish date populates correctly when WOD is copied
  • Membership invoices will no longer include a line for $0 setup fees
  • Voided invoices will no longer block the deactivation of an athlete
  • Coaches may now be assigned to existing recurring classes as expected
  •  Date fields in “Athlete With Memberships on Hold” report respects the standard format upon export


Coming soon…

  • Embedded website widget for booking free trial appointments
  • Wodify Payment in Europe
  • Custom Wodify Website Builder




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