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HybridAF Integration


Wodify now offers an integration with HybridAF that can help save time managing two different softwares! Once the integration is set up, you will utilize athlete tags in Wodify to add or remove an athlete from your HybridAF list. With both systems synced together, you'll no longer need to switch between the two to keep your gym access list accurate.. just make your update in Wodify and let the integration do the rest!


Actions Supported:

  • Add tag = Add to HybridAF as "active"
  • Remove tag = Move athlete from "active" to "archived" in HybridAF


This integration is powered by Zapier, so you will need to create an account with them if you do not already have one. The free Zapier subscription (starter package) includes 100 free Zaps per month which should be sufficient for most gyms. If you are already using Zapier and use a large number of Zaps this is something to keep in mind.


Before setting up your Zap, you will need to accept the HybridAF app: CLICK HERE TO ACCEPT [**Please note you will not be able to complete this setup unless you have taken this step**]


Next, follow these steps:

  1. Click Zaps then "Make a New Zap"
  2. Choose Wodify Core as your trigger app
  3. Select Wodify Core Trigger "Tag Changed on Athlete"
    • You will have to click "Show Less Common Options" to find this 
    • Save and Continue
  4. Connect an account
    • You will need to create an API key in your Wodify environment. CLICK HERE if you need assistance doing this
    • Once named and created, copy the value and paste it into the Zapier window
    • Save and Continue
  5. Setup Wodify Core Athlete Tag as "Both"
    • Continue
  6. Click "Add Step"
  7. Click "Action/Search"
  8. Select HybridAF as your action app
    • If you do not see HybridAF as an option, please click the accept link above
  9. Set your HybridAF action as "Manage Members - Wodify"
    • Save and Continue
  10. Connect an account
    • Enter your HybridAF username and password
    • Continue
  11. Set up HybridAF Manage Members - Wodify
    • Please match the following information exactly as shown
    • Make sure you are clicking the button to the right hand side of the text field - do not type these in manually
      • Admin Email = Your HybridAF email (type this in)
      • User Email = [Step 1: Email]
      • User First Name = [Step 1: First Name]
      • User Last Name = [Step 1: Last Name]
      • User Cell Phone = [Step 1: Mobile Phone]
      • Wodify Tag = [Step 1: Athlete Tag]
      • User Access Flag = [Step 1: Event]




Once this is complete, you can skip the test, finish the Zap and enable it! Everything is all set up and you are ready to test your new integration 💪


To make sure everything is working properly, go to an athlete profile in your Wodify environment and add the tag "HybridAF":




If the athlete whose profile you selected is not yet active in your HybridAF account, they will now be active! If you remove this tag from the profile they will be moved to archived in your HybridAF account.


Using your new HybridAF/Wodify integration, you can manage which of your athletes has 24/7 access to your gym directly from your Wodify Core account!


NOTE: This integration will not track athlete attendance or honor Membership Enforcement (blocking athletes from signing in with no active membership). If an athlete should not have access to the gym be sure to remove the HybridAF tag entirely. 


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