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What's New: October 2019


New! 🚀

You can now offer Free Intro Appointments to leads via the Online Sales Portal.

  • Admins may configure these appointments by locations, services, and number allowed for new leads.




  • Leads will be able to select the Free Into Appointment from the OSP



For Free Into Appointment step by step setup instructions click here.


New Login Pages



Athlete App Improvements

  • Guardians may now switch to their Dependents account


  • Filter tabs will identify the filters selected in Classes and the Whiteboard


  • Schedule page now includes WODs and Classes with the WODs being displayed first



Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athlete App Fixes
    • Selecting the component option Do Not Score will remove all previous data including any notes there
    • Login page, using an iPhone after clicking on a text field it opens the keyboard and afterwards if click outside of the text field it will close the keyboard as expected
    • For Canadian athletes, when adding a payment method through the Athlete App, the Postal Code field will now correctly accept letters
    • When an athlete changes the filters on one page it will not pass on to another page


  • Appointments Fixes 
    • Appointment automated emails will be sent as expected - as it is set up in Communication>Settings>Automated emails>Appointment created
    • When you have a multi-client appointment and the provider and 1 client signed in, you are now able to cancel the 2nd client as you would expect
    • Made changes to improve the display in Appointment and Availability calendars to display Google events


  • Retail Fixes
    • Managers may make a POS credit card purchase for a guest athlete
    • Deactivated athletes' invoices will no longer appear on the first page of POS > Invoices



Coming soon… 

  • SEPA Direct Deposit to be accepted as a payment method in gyms that us Wodify Payments and are in a country that subscribes to SEPA
  • Notifications tab on the Athlete App
  • Google Sync will allow to export coaches class schedule
  • Daily email alerts sent to Admins, Managers, and Providers to prevent appointment no-shows



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