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How can I integrate Wodify Payments with Quickbooks Online?


Wodify Payments is integrated with Quickbooks Online so that you can easily and effectively manage your financials with Wodify!


NOTE: This integration is ONLY available for promote customers using Wodify Payments.  For more information about getting started with our Quickbooks online integration or upgrading your account,  book a call here.


With this integration, any payouts that are paid to your bank account (through Wodify Payments) will automatically sync to your Quickbooks Online account, giving you the ability to reconcile your bank statements, monitor chargebacks, refunds, taxes accrued and credit card fees from one platform.


It also grants you the power to map your own chart of accounts so that you can leverage your paid payouts in Wodify Payments with your Wodify revenue categories (like membership sales and merchandise sales) so you can see exactly where your revenue is coming from in real time!



There are 3 steps you need started:


  1. Map your chart of accounts (recommended once)
  2. Connect your Quickbooks Online account with Wodify
  3. Managing your payouts in Wodify & Quickbooks (recommended as needed)



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