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What's New: November 2019


New! 🚀

  •  Appointment No-Show time window was increased from 24h to 48h to allow more time to sign in athletes and providers before No-Show is assigned


  • The PAY button in POS will be blocked after the first click. This will prevent multiple clicks causing multiple charges
  • For athletes belonging to more than one gym or location, they will now be able to switch gyms/locations on the Athlete App


  • Filter tabs are now more consistent throughout the Athlete App



Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Mass Updating Memberships feature will only update memberships even when there is additional items in the invoice
  • Negative renewal periods will be prevented by a new validation to stop duplicate hold removals from occurring
  • Appointment session memberships will auto-renew only when there are no more ‘unused’ sessions remaining in the current membership
  • Fixed the Image Upload display on the Kiosk in My Profile




Coming soon… 

  • Daily email alerts sent to Admins, Managers, and Providers to prevent appointment no-shows
  • Notifications and Announcements on the Athlete App
  • Improve HTML for the Lead Form to allow for easier customization
  • QuickBooks Online Integration for Wodify Payments!



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