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How can I connect my Quickbooks Online account with Wodify?


Our integration allows you to automatically connect your quickbooks online account with Wodify.*

In order to get started, you will need to enable and connect your quickbooks online account. 

**Please note: This integration is ONLY available for promote customers using Wodify Payments.  For more information about getting started with our Quickbooks online integration or upgrading your account,  book a call here.


Here's how to enable Quickbooks Online Integration in Wodify:

  • Head to Financial > Settings > Integrations
  • Select 'Edit' Quickbooks 
  • Click the toggle to enable Quickbook Online


  • A new screen will appear with the Intuit Quickbooks login screen. Enter your credentials here and click sign in.




  • Once you sign in to Quickbooks you will be taken back to the Wodify integrations screen. You will see a green success bar pop-up if the integration successful! 



Next step: head here to map to your chart of accounts



If you've already mapped your chart of accounts, head here to learn more about managing your payouts with Quickbooks Online


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