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How can I manage my payouts with Quickbooks Online?



Once you have connected your Quickbooks Online account to Wodify, all of your paid payouts will automatically sync to your Quickbooks Online account from that point forward. When this sync occurs, we will simultaneously tag the paid payout as 'Synced' so that you can easily track these payouts in Wodify!

Here's how you can view your synced paid payouts:

  • Head to Financial > Payouts
  • Select the 'Synced' tab



All payouts that are listed as 'Synced' have successfully transferred to your Quickbooks Online Bank Register for you to view and manage!




Note: Scheduled & Pending payouts cannot and will not synced to be Quickbooks Online until they are successfully paid to your account. For more information on what each payout status means, head here.


Manually Syncing Paid Payouts 

There may be certain times that you wish to sync previous paid payouts from Wodify to Quickbooks Online. Since this integration will only auto-sync paid payouts moving forward, we have created a manual sync option that's available for those who want to sync past paid payouts.

Here's how to manual sync a paid payout:

  • Head to Financial > Payouts
  • Select the 'Not Synced' tab
  • Click the checkbox for 1 or more payouts
  • Select Bulk Actions > Sync Quickbooks Online


A green banner will appear informing you the sync process has started. The payouts that you selected will remain on the 'Not Synced' list until the process is complete. 


Note: If you sync a payout more than once, duplicate payouts will appear in your Quickbooks account. If this happens, you can easily remove this payout from Quickbooks to avoid duplicate transactions from your bank register. Screenshot_11_20_19__2_13_PM.png


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