Rebranding your Business within Wodify

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Looking to put a fresh coat of paint on your business's brand? Make sure you have done the same to your Wodify Environment! This article will walk you through how to customize various aspects of your Wodify environment from changing email signatures to customizing your Online Sales Portal URL. 


In this article, we will cover:


Overall Business Information 

From here you can change any general business information like your businesses name, contact information, and website!

  1. Go to Account > Info & Locations
  2. Adjust Information
  3. Click Save



Location Specific Information 

You can always change location specification such as the address of your business, your location specific email which is what you receive replies to from Automated Emails, and more!

  1. Go to Account > Info & Locations
  2. Scroll to Locations Section
  3. Click into your Location Name
  4. Adjust Information
  5. Click Save


Email Communications Signature 

When rebranding don't forget to customize your email signatures! Create a different signature for each location, and change the staff email to reflect logo changes, name changes, and more!

  1. Go to Communication > Settings
  2. Select the Email Signatures tab
  3. Adjust Information
  4. Click Savemceclip1.png


Online Sales Portal 


Through Wodify you can even customize the URL to your online sales portal to reflect your new brand!

  1. Select Digital Presence > Sales Portal Settings
  2. Adjust Your URL via Edit
  3. Click Save



For a complete list of areas in your Wodify account where you can update your business's contact information, please check out Updating Business Contact Information.


If you need any additional assistance with rebranding your business, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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