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What's New: December 2019


New! 🚀

  • Announcements may now be seen on the Athlete App


  • When booking a class on the Athlete App, the number of remaining sessions will be displayed (membership enforcement must be enabled for this feature)


  • Ability to manage a Pulse belt through the Athlete App
  • All locations may be selected in the Whiteboard filter on the Athlete App


  • Admins may select to show all classes in the Athlete App or only classes valid for subscribed members


  • Recurring classes without an end date will be maintain 3 months worth of classes
  • Republic of Serbia is now in the list of countries
  • WOD Marketplace: 3 new programming options available - Deka Comp, Warmup and Workout, and Box Programming

         The_Wodify_WOD_Marketplace.png Learn more




Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Class names instead of program name will show in the athlete app


  • In the Athlete App, current WODs will be shown on the current day without requiring a refresh
  • Video links will work at the WOD level on the Athlete App
  • Deleted availability will not be seen on the CORE appointment calendar



Coming soon… 

  • Daily email alerts sent to Admins, Managers, and Providers to prevent appointment no-shows
  • Notifications on the Athlete App
  • Priority Waitlist



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