Enabling HTTPS on my Website



HTTPS is a secure way to send data between Wodify and your site host (your website), to ensure you and your customers are entering personal information online safely. This article will cover how you can enable HTTPS on your website as well as the answers to some common questions!


To offer you the next level of security, Wodify will enforce HTTPS on all web hosts (Wix, Squarespace, etc.,)  using our embeddable functionalities.

Here are the impacted Wodify features:

  • Public Whiteboard
  • Public Calendar 
  • Public Class List


In this article, we will cover:


How to enable HTTPS on your website

Identify your website provider. If you’re not sure who your web host is, you can use a host checker site like this one. The company listed in 'is hosted on' is your website site provider.



Next, enable HTTPS on your site. We’ve provided help articles for the most common website hosts below. 

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. WordPress
  4. Weebly
  5. GoDaddy

Don’t see your website listed? Contact your site provider directly so they may provide you with proper help documentation to make this change.


That’s it! Once you have enabled HTTPS on your website, you’re finished.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why is Wodify making this change?
    • Https is the next level of security to protect you & your client's personal information.
  2. Why do I need to make this change now?
    • In the past, we had supported http to serve as many customers as possible. Now that the vast majority of partners & host sites are up to speed, we are now in a place to make these changes.
  3. What do I need to do if I've already switched my site to https?
    • Nothing! If you've already done this, you do not need to take any steps. 
  4. What about the Lead form, OSP, Waivers and Contracts? 
    • These links are generated by Wodify and therefore will be automatically be redirected to https.
  5. What happens if I don't switch to https?
    • The page on your site for the calendar, whiteboard etc., will no longer display data from Wodify.
  6. What if I’m using Wodify sites?
    • Wodify sites is already a secure host site and therefore there is nothing you need to do!
  7. How can I check to see if my website is secure with https or not?
    • Head to a page on your website that has a Wodify embedded feature, like the public calendar.
    • If you have successfully enabled https, you will see locked lock beside the URL. This indicates that the connection is secure!




If your page is not secure, your browser icon ‘i’ will tell you that the connection is not fully secure. This usually means that you need to enable HTTPS on your website.


Note: If your website is not listed in our help article, you will need to contact your site host directly for information on how you can enable HTTPS. Please keep in mind that Wodify's support team cannot make these changes for you or contact your web host on your behalf, as this will need to be completed by the owner of the website account. We recommend contacting your site host directly with any additional questions on how to make these changes to your specific website. 


If you need any additional assistance with HTTPS, feel free to reach out to us at support@wodify.com or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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