COVID-19: Setting Up At-Home Workouts


Many businesses around the world are turning to remote programming and coaching in order to deal with the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19. The good news is that with Wodify, you are equipped to immediately start providing your members with online workouts, coaching, and a digital social whiteboard. 


Unsure how to push these workouts to all members? Don't worry, we can help.

  1. First, let's set up a new Program for these Remote Workouts
    Call it At-Home Workouts; Get Off the Couch; anything you want
    • Classes > Programs > + New Program in the Top Right Corner.
  2. Then, we need to make sure current Clients have access to this program.
  3. Finally, create a class for folks to sign in to from Home
    • Classes > List > Recurring > + New Recurring Class
      • To allow this as a full-day class, create the start time as 12:01 AM and end time as 11:59 PM.
      • 🚨​ Ensure this class has no reservation limits - Set Class Limits to ZERO
        • Keep in mind: If this class has reservation limits (99; 300; etc), this will prevent Clients from being able to sign in from home. 
      • Decide if you want this class to count towards attendance limits
        • If you have folks on Session -Based or Limited Attendance Memberships, this will run through their allotment, so consider toggling this section off when creating the class.
      • Double-check to make sure that your sign-in settings allow mobile sign-ins for this period even if you don't normally via Classes > Settings > Edit Basic Details Sign in to reflect "Clients can sign into class within 24 hours of the start time." > Save

From there it is all about Coaching Members from afar - get personal, make sure they know that they are supporting a small business, and you are there to support them!


Don't want to use the free NCFIT AT-HOME workouts? Of course, you can write your own or use one of these sources for inspiration. 

💪​ Wodify Blog - The 12 Best Travel Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

💪​ Two Brain Business Coaching - 31 At-Home Workouts


We are here to help, so if you need ideas, encouragement, understanding of how Wodify can make your life a little simpler, feel free to shoot us a note via or book a call with our Success Team via! 



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