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COVID-19: Using Tags, Notes and Custom Tabs to Manage Members


Wodify’s Tagging, Notes and Custom Tab features will help you quickly label and manage your members for future reference because now it’s more important than ever!


Below are a couple of relevant scenarios: 

⭐️Loaning out gym equipment - Although gyms have been forced to close their locations, many are providing members with at-home programming options. If you are loaning out gym equipment (i.e.kettlebells, dumbbells, etc.) to make at-home workouts more interesting, we’ve outlined a simple way to keep track through Wodify.

⭐️Assessing a member’s sentiment - If you are temporarily closing, we encourage you to reach out to every single member and let them know exactly how you’ll continue to provide value until you’re up and running again. During your conversations, you’ll find it helpful to record each member’s sentiment in Wodify - the general tone and context of your conversation(s) with them. The same steps below can be used to categorize athletes into buckets, such as: ‘positive’, ‘at-risk’, ‘indifferent’.

Athlete User Tags

Follow this process to record which athletes have borrowed gym equipment.

  1. Go to Wodify Core > Athlete > List.
  2. Navigate to the athlete profile.
  3. In the TAGS section, add a concise and easy-to-remember tag. For example: ‘equipment’.

Edit__Christine_Rivera_.jpgPro Tip: Keep the number of tags low (less is more) and simple, so every staff member will understand.



In the NOTES section, you can add a description of the item, date borrowed, etc.

Please note, this information will only be visible in Wodify Core/Core mobile app to Admins, Managers, and Coaches.


Custom Tabs

Now that you’ve tagged the appropriate athletes, you can create a Custom Tab on your Athlete List to monitor it and remove tags once items have been returned. 

Follow this process to find all athletes with the ‘equipment’ tag:

  1. Go to Wodify Core > Athlete > List.
  2. Click on “Filters” and select “User Tag is equipment”.
  3. Click “Add Filter”, remove the “On-Ramp” filter and change ‘any’ to ‘all’. 
  4. Now that you’ve sorted your list by the “equipment” filter, save this search.


     5. Give the Search a name, and click the Save button.



Now that you’ve created a new Custom Tab to your Athlete List, once you add this tag to a new profile, the list will update to include those athletes. 

Once the athlete has returned the equipment, be sure to remove the tags, update the notes and you’ll be all set! (To remove a tag, simply click on the X next to the tag!)


We are here to help, so if you need ideas, encouragement, understanding of how Wodify can make your life a little simpler, feel free to shoot us a note via or book a call with our Success Team via!


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