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Our team has been hard at work revamping Insights to equip you with all of the information that you need to run a successful business.



Insights is now broken out into 6 distinct dashboards representing the primary areas of interest for business owners in the health and wellness space. 

  • Business Health - High-level overview of how your business is doing
  • Attendance - Information regarding attendance and sign-ins to classes
  • Clients - Data specific to your currently active clients, including demographics, account memberships, and important dates
  • Leads - Tracking information for prospective clients
  • Memberships - Membership and billing data 
  • Retail - Financial information related to your retail sales


Using the Data Table for Customized Reporting

In order to be able to more effectively customize the information you are looking for, each dashboard has a data table at the bottom of the page that contains all of the data used for the graphics on the page. You can export this spreadsheet to create your own graphics and use the information in the way that is best for your gym!

To Export the Data Table:

  1. Locate the Insights dashboard that you would like to export from
  2. Scroll to the Data Table section at the bottom of the page
  3. Hover over the right-hand corner of the data table
  4. Click the Download button to export the data as a spreadsheet



Dashboards Cheatsheet

Looking for Dashboards? All of those metrics and more now displayed under Insights, which was rebuilt to be faster, more detailed, and have new filters. Below, you will find a guide to help you find all of the metrics previously located within Dashboards:

Insights > Business Health

  • Revenue By Location --> Net Revenue Over Time
  • New Athletes By Month --> New Clients Over Time
  • Average Active Athletes By Month --> Active Clients Over Time

Insights > Attendance

  • No Shows This Month --> No Shows by Day
  • Drop-Ins By Month --> Drop Ins by Day
  • Attendance By Month --> Attendance by Month

Insights > Clients

  • Male to Female Ratio --> Active Clients by Gender
  • Upcoming Birthdays --> Upcoming Birthdays (30 days)
  • Athlete Age/Sex Distribution --> Current active Client Demographics

Insights > Memberships

  • Accounts Receivable By Month --> Membership Revenue Over Time and Projections

Reporting > Financial 

  • Failed Payments This Month --> Failed Payments
  • Expiring Credit Cards This Month --> Expiring Credit Cards


Take some time to explore these new dashboards and feel free to reach out to our support team at with any questions. 

If you are an Engage customer, check out this article to learn more about your Insights dashboard.


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