What's New: March 28th, 2020


New! 🚀

  • Athlete App Improvements! - The athlete app has a new design that makes it easier than ever for your athletes to view the workout, reserve and sign into class, and track their performance. 

    • Performance & Whiteboard have moved - In an effort to simplify the Athlete App, we've removed some tabs! The Whiteboard is now accessible from the WOD view and performance history is located under your Profile tab.image__1_.png
    • More Improvements - Athletes can now see the Workouts view in the new Athlete App. This gives your athletes a full picture of the workouts they have completed.mceclip2.png
    • And we'd love your feedback - The changes we have released are part of a bigger effort to make the athlete app simpler and better for your athletes and we'd love to hear any feedback you have about how we can improve the app for your members! Fill out our Athlete App Feedback Form to let us know what you think!


  • New Insights! - Insights has a new look! It is now faster than ever and offers the ability to filter between multiple locations. Click the link to learn more about what's new with Insights!


  • Events Platform (Arena, Live, Rise) Improvements!
    • Payments accounts will be easier than ever to set up when running an event through Rise, Arena, or Live. Core admins can easily import their Wodify Payments accounts from Core to their Events. It is also easier than ever to set up a new payments account for events using the Stripe Account wizard. 
    • Events will be organized by active, past, and drafts for organizers mceclip0.png
    • Events participants with Core athlete accounts can update their profile information from their events account 
    • Promo code input will be more visible for participants during Event registration 


  • Rise Improvements
    • Rise tasks will now be based on the participant's local timezone and organizers will be able to edit participant timezones. This will resolve issues that participants have experienced with viewing the correct tasks for the day. 
    • Rise participants and organizers can see their daily point totals when viewing a specific day in the participant app or organizer view
    • Dates will be consistent between the Rise Insights dashboard and the participant detail popup when clicking an athlete's profile on the leaderboard


Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Athlete App Bug Fixes 
    • Links in the WOD will now be clickable in the athlete app
    • Suspended athletes will not be able to record performance, sign into classes or view performance history on the athlete app
    • Athletes will no longer receive a Firebase error message in the athlete app
    • Filters set in the athlete app will be remembered
  • Rise Bug Fixes
    • Rise tasks deleted from the web app by the organizer will be deleted from the mobile app 
    • Deactivated Rise tasks will not add points to the leaderboard
    • The View Task link will be viewable for Variable Point tasks
    • Unit of Measure setting will be applied throughout the Rise app
  • The Free Intro Appointment will no longer be able to be deleted accidentally
  • The Free Intro Appointment can now be enabled for multiple locations in the Online Sales Portal
  • Cash sales will no longer show up as duplicates in the Daily Cash Report
  • Leads will now receive a follow-up email after they are signed in to a Free Trial class as expected
  • GoEmerchant ACH payments will automatically change from paid status to unpaid when they fail



Coming soon… 

  • New WOD Marketplace providers
  • Athlete App Improvements - Continued improvements to the app interface to help athletes record their workouts faster
  • Insights Improvements - including enhanced filtering options for more customized reporting


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