COVID-19: Coaching Clients Remotely


Okay, okay. This is new. This is unprecedented. You are used to giving fist bumps and high-fives, but now we have to talk to open-air while using Instagram Live like a true #influencerinthewild to coach your clients and keep them motivated.

This is a time where a lot of folks are feeling pretty alone and isolated. Fortunately, using Wodify you can foster a virtual community and provide engaging 1-on-1 coaching with our performance tracking, digital whiteboard, and other communication tools.


πŸ’‘β€‹ First, educate members on how to use Wodify to keep tracking their workouts

You want to encourage consistency. You want people to continue signing into class (even if they can't come to your physical location). You want to re-build your community outside the walls that contain your normal training space.

Encouraging (and even incentivizing) your members to log their results on the Client App keeps them accountable and provides value beyond just the workout since they can keep tracking their progress. 

  • Having trouble getting folks to log into classes and score their performance?
    • First, let's make sure you are set up for At-Home Workouts - COVID-19: Setting Up At-Home Workouts
    • Let's try running a Sign-In Challenge! You can check your Insights > Members Reporting to view how many sign-ins each Client has logged during this time period!
      • Shout them out on Instagram, Get them a free case of FitAID for when this is all over, Let them know that just because they aren't top of the leaderboard doesn't mean they aren't putting in the work! Get them moving!!


πŸ’‘β€‹ Next, provide 1-on-1 feedback & coaching.

Offering at-home workouts and running virtual classes via Instagram Live or Zoom is great, but you need to be providing 1-on-1 feedback to every single client in order to retain them. Using our digital whiteboard and other communication tools, you can do that without having to program unique workouts for each individual or invest in other 1-on-1 coaching software. Here's how

  1. Like & comment on every single client's performance on the digital whiteboard. It's a great way to show you are still paying attention to their performance and keeping their overall fitness/health goals in mind (e.g. "Great time on this workout Sean, how did your shoulder feel on the push-ups?"). 

  2. Encourage your members to leave comments along with their scores, noting how they felt during the workout. That can help you stay in tune with their overall health and give you more context for 1-on-1 feedback.

  3. Use the 'Notes' section on the Client profile to recap any 1-on-1 phone calls or text conversations you have with members during this time, so you can stay on top of everyone's overall health & fitness. 


πŸ’‘β€‹ Keep learning and trying new things. 

Check out the Two Brain Business: Coronavirus Town Hall Webinar for tips on how to implement remote coaching.

Have a lot of members?

  • Let's get some buy-in by leveraging your Coaching Staff. They are the ones who are interacting with these Clients on a daily basis. Get them on these calls with your Clients, make sure they are logging results just like everyone else!
  • Coaches who are engaging on the same level as your Clients are keeping them engaged and helping to spark that community - keep them on the same page to encourage everyone to jump in too! 
  • You can use our Tagging System to Tag Clients to a particular Coach - Using Tabs, Notes & Custom Tags to Manage Members


πŸ’‘β€‹ Even more resources to keep members engaged

Try and leverage Announcements to keep everyone on the same page.

Use Wodify Rise to encourage a Nutritional/Lifestyle Challenge during this uncertain time.


We are here to help, so if you need ideas, encouragement, understanding of how Wodify can make your life a little simpler, feel free to shoot us a note via or book a call with our Success Team via!


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