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COVID-19: Steps to Take if Your Gym is Still Open or Reopening


Despite many states mandating that fitness centers close their doors temporarily, some gyms across the world remain open.


Below, we outline measures you can take to minimize the possibility of spreading COVID-19 and keep your members safe. These steps include limiting class size, allowing time between classes to sanitize equipment, and updating your Waitlist preferences*:

1. Setting a Reservation Limit for your classes

  • Go to Wodify Core > 'Classes' > 'List' > 'Recurring'
  • Choose your Recurring Class.
  • Enter the 'Class Limit' for the class next to each day of the week.


2. Shortening class length to allow time to sanitize between classes

  • Go to Wodify Core > 'Classes' > 'List' > 'Recurring'
  • Choose your Recurring Class.
  • Under the Basic Details section, update the class start and/or end time.  


3. Updating your Waitlist Preferences (*Grow & Promote customers)

With a smaller reservation limit on classes, you may consider updating your Waitlist Preferences.

Option 1: First athlete to reply gets added to the class - All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist. If a spot opens, all athletes on the waitlist are all emailed and the first one to reply gets into the class. 

Option 2: Athletes added to class in sign-up order - All athletes who sign up for a full class are put on a waitlist in the order they signed up. If a spot opens, the first athlete on the waitlist is automatically put in the class. 

 To select your preferred Waitlist option:

  1. Go to an individual class or recurring class
  2. Enable 'Allow Waitlist'
  3. Choose a Waitlist option from the 'Reservations' section


Be sure to communicate any process changes to your athletes early and often so they understand the steps you’re taking to provide a sanitary and welcoming environment for all of your members during this critical time.

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We are here to help, so if you need ideas, encouragement, understanding of how Wodify can make your life a little simpler, feel free to shoot us a note via or book a call with our Success Team via!


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