What's New: May 9th, 2020


New! 🚀

  • Free Rise Challenges - Our Wodify Rise challenge software is FREE to use for any organizer, even for paid challenges through JUNE 1ST! Gym owners can use Rise to keep their communities engaged remotely and even generate some additional revenue!
  • Street Parking Webinar - Check out our webinar with Street Parking, an online program designed for athletes with limited equipment and any level of experience, to learn more about building a community among your athletes virtually.
  • Athlete App UI Improvements
    • Text has been added to let athletes know their reservation/sign-in statusReserved_Class_State.png
    • Additional in-app messaging letting athletes know why they are unable to make a reservation and when they will be able to, if applicableReservations_not_yet_open.png

Bug Fixes 🐜

  • Communication
    • Athlete replies to automated emails will be successfully delivered to your gym's location email address
    • Mass emails will no longer get stuck in the "Sending" state
  • Online Sales Portal
    • Events participants (Rise/Arena/Live) will be able to use their credentials to make membership purchases in the Online Sales Portal
    • The Online Sales Portal will no longer time out due to inactivity
  • People
    • Athletes will now be able to change their privacy settings from a desktop
  • Clicking the Wodify logo in the top left corner of Core will bring you back to the WOD > Calendar page
  • The "Shift - S" global search now works on all Insights pages!
    • Pro Tip: Clicking the 'Shift' and 'S' keys will open up a global search window that will allow you to search all athletes (active and inactive), as well as leads, by their first name, last name, and email address.


Coming soon… 

  • Wodify Payments for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
  • Athlete App Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Insights Improvements - including enhanced filtering options for more customized reporting
  • UI improvements for Payment Plans to make creating new membership options a breeze


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